What are the main applications of PCB board

December 12, 2022

What are the main applications of PCB board

The application of PCB in medical equipment

The rapid progress of medical science is closely related to the rapid development of electronic industry. A lot of microbial equipment and other equipment is a separate base pcb, such as: pH meter, heartbeat sensors, temperature measurements, electrocardiogram machines, electroencephalogram machines, nuclear magnetic resonance imaging machines, X-rays, CT scanning, blood pressure machine, blood glucose level measuring equipment, incubator, and other medical equipment.

Two: the application of PCB in industrial equipment

PCBs are widely used in the manufacturing industry, especially those with high-power machinery, which runs on high power and requires high-current circuits to drive. As a result, a thick layer of copper is pressed on top of the PCB, unlike complex electronic PCBs, which can run at up to 100 amps. This is particularly important in arc welding, large servo motor drivers, lead-acid battery chargers, the military industry, clothing cotton machines and other applications.

Three: the application of PCB in lighting

We see all around us LED lights and high-intensity leds, these small leds that provide high brightness and are mounted on aluminum-based PCBS. Aluminum has the property of absorbing heat and dissipating in air. Therefore, because of the high power, these aluminum circuit boards are commonly used in LED light circuit medium and high power LED circuits.

Four: pcb applications in the automotive and aerospace industries

One of the most common reverberations we see in airplanes and cars is the use of a PCB called Flex PCB, which is designed to meet these high force vibrations and make the PCB flexible. Flexible PCBS are light weight, but can withstand high vibration because of their light weight, so the total weight of the spacecraft can be reduced.

Flexible PCBS can be adjusted even in narrow Spaces, which is a big advantage. These flexible PCBS are used as connectors, interfaces, and can be assembled even in compact Spaces such as behind panels, under dashboards, etc.

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