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Winow has more than 20 years of experence in providing word-cass medica PCB assemby and manufacturing sevices to the healthcare industry, and we have the abity toassemble one-stop medical diagnostic and therapeutic equipment including medical utrasound systems, blod analyzers, Endoscopic imaging system, arteroscdlerosis tester MRequipment, CT scanner, PCB medical wearable and other products

Systems and eqpment in automotive electronics reuire specla attenton to not alow any deects, PCB manufacturing and pcB assembly in automotiveectronics recuire a high eve of relabilty to ensure sarfe pertomance under extreme condtons at winow we are tamiar with Speca ecuireents for automotve electronics PCB andPCB assemblv to ensure compliance and product quality.

At winow we have more than 2 years experence in pc manufacturing and pcB assembly, both PCB and PCB assemby for smarthome deyces can metyour nesand can desian smarthome products hat exceed your expectations, we support al types PCB,includina rioid-tex PC, and can provide you with advice on the type of pCB industyin thesmart home. from desian to assembly services we can provide vou with the best service

The transportation industry has come up with a number of effective innovations in providing electronic solutions that take full advantage of sophisticated, highly customized PCBS. For risk-free transportation solutions, the printed circuit board industry has developed proven technology PCB layouts to meet technological advances in the road transportation, rail, aerospace, shipping, Marine and automotive markets. This also presents a challenge for PCB manufacturers to provide high-end customization from material selection, different shapes and sizes by offering contract manufacturing, commission or complete turnkey solutions based on the needs of a variety of customers worldwide. Utilizing this different existing technology, such as SMT (surface mount technology), through-hole technology is highly used for smooth PCB manufacturing and PCB assembly. The increased use of circuit boards can be seen in the transportation industry, which includes modified navigation systems, tracking systems, alarm systems, lighting and many other user-friendly equipment and electrical systems installed in cars, trucks, coaches, ships, submarines, trains, planes, helicopters. , buses and more vehicles.

Smartphones, Computers And The Many Other Consumer Products That People Use Daily Require Pcbs And PCBA To Function. As We Add Electronics To More Of Our Products, Pcbs Become A Bigger Part Of Our Daily Lives. Manufacturers Are Producing Smaller And Smaller Smartphones And Laptops That Still Have Many Advanced Capabilities, Which Require Small Pcbs

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