Prototype PCB Assembly Manufacturer: Winow New Energy

May 17, 2023

Prototype PCB Assembly Manufacturer: Winow New Energy

Prototype PCB assembly is a crucial step in the product development process, allowing designers and engineers to test the functionality and performance of a PCB design before mass production. Winow New Energy is a leading manufacturer of prototype PCB assembly solutions, providing fast turn times, high-quality components, and expert technical support to its clients.

Winow New Energy’s prototype PCB assembly services are designed for engineers and designers who need to quickly and efficiently prototype their designs without compromising on quality. These professionals are often under pressure to develop innovative products that meet the demands of their customers and the market, while also meeting tight deadlines and budgets.

A major challenge for PCB designers is the cost and time involved in producing prototype PCBs in-house. The process requires specialized equipment and expertise, which can be expensive to acquire and maintain. Also, it can be difficult to manage the production process and ensure consistent quality.

Prototype PCB Assembly Manufacturer: Meet All Your Needs

Winow New Energy’s prototype PCB assembly services provide an efficient and cost-effective solution to these challenges. With turn times as short as 24 hours and the ability to produce between 1 and 100,000 units, Winow New Energy can help designers and engineers quickly test their product designs and make necessary adjustments before mass production. Additionally, Winow New Energy’s DFM support, high-quality components, and Class II and III inspection standards ensure that the final product meets the highest quality standards.

Moreover, Winow New Energy offers various capabilities such as SMT and thru-hole capabilities, all SMT machines placed, AOI (Automated Optical Inspection), Lead-free RoHS Certification, and ITAR compliance screen available. These capabilities ensure that the PCB design meets the specific needs of the target audience, providing them with reliable and high-performance products.

Winow New Energy’s prototype PCB assembly services offer a cost-effective and efficient solution to the challenges faced by designers and engineers. By providing high-quality components, technical support, and short turn times, Winow New Energy helps its clients to develop innovative products that meet the needs of the market and their customers, all while staying within budget and deadline constraints.

Prototype PCB Assembly Manufacturer Helps Customers Save Time and Money on Complex Projects

First, by enabling designers and engineers to test the functionality and performance of the PCB before mass production, they reduce the risk of costly defects or recalls. Additionally, by providing the opportunity to optimize the design and layout of the PCB during the prototype phase, they can increase its performance and efficiency, ultimately resulting in better products.

Another benefit of Winow New Energy’s prototype PCB assembly services is the ability to make changes to the design quickly and easily during the development process, providing more flexibility and responsiveness to customer needs. Moreover, customers can identify cost-saving opportunities and make informed decisions about materials and production methods before committing to mass production, ultimately saving them money.

To ensure the highest quality products, Winow New Energy employs a variety of testing procedures, including visual inspection, X-ray inspection, 3D AOI testing, ICT (In-Circuit Test), FAI, AOI testing, 3D SPI testing, and functional test. With 90% of the technical staff having more than ten years of industry experience, customers can be confident in the quality of their products.

Prototype PCB Assembly Manufacturer Offers Competitive Pricing and Flexible Order Quantities

Winow New Energy is a prototype PCB assembly manufacturer that offers competitive pricing and flexible order quantities. They provide a one-stop-shop service, from component purchasing to functional testing and package finish, for every type of PCB. They are committed to providing quick and flexible payment options, making it easier for customers to place orders.

FAI First Article Inspection System

Winow New Energy also offers on-demand manufacturing with no minimum order quantity or minimum production quantity required. They accept both prototype and mass production orders, giving customers the flexibility to choose the most appropriate order quantity for their needs.

Winow New Energy offers turnkey services for circuit board fabrication and PCB assembly, bringing customers better PCB products. With their competitive pricing, flexible order quantities, and commitment to quality, Winow New Energy is a reliable choice for customers looking for a prototype PCB assembly manufacturer.

Expert Prototype PCB Assembly Manufacturer Streamlines Production for Faster Time-to-Market

Winow New Energy is a one-stop shop for PCB design, manufacturing, and assembly. They specialize in providing full-service PCB manufacturing, including quick-turn PCB prototypes and high-volume PCB fabrication. They offer a range of PCBs, including Standard Rigid Boards, Metal Core Boards, Flexible Boards, Rigid-Flex Boards, HDI Boards, and RF Microwave RF Boards. As of 2023, the company exports products to 156 countries and regions, and they are equipped with an experienced, skilled, and strong R&D team.

The problems electric companies face include long lead times for PCB design, manufacturing, and assembly, which can delay their products’ time-to-market. This delay can result in lost revenue and decreased market share, especially in competitive industries. These companies also need customized PCBs that meet their specific requirements, such as size, shape, and functionality. Finding a manufacturer that can deliver high-quality PCBs that meet their unique specifications can be challenging.

Winow New Energy’s services solve these problems by providing a one-stop shop for PCB design, manufacturing, and assembly. They offer quick-turn production times, allowing companies to get their products to market faster. They also provide customized PCBs that meet their client’s specific requirements, including complex models. The quality of their products is guaranteed, ensuring that their clients receive high-quality PCBs that meet their needs.

Prototype PCB Assembly Manufacturer Offers Comprehensive Design and Testing Services

Winow New Energy is a PCB assembly manufacturer that offers a wide range of services from component purchasing to functional testing and package finish. They provide one-stop services for every type of PCB with no minimum order quantity or minimum production quantity limit. This makes them an ideal choice for both prototype and mass-production orders. Their technical staff comprises 90% industry-experienced professionals with more than 10 years of experience. They provide flexible payment options, daily quotes, and negotiations. They also offer prototypes quotation within 3H.

Winow New Energy provides PCB&PCBA samples for FPGA BGA assembly patch manufacturers, industrial control SMT chip processing, control motherboard SMT assembly, Bluetooth module SMT patch processing, industrial control board SMT processing, BGA industrial control motherboard assembly, communication module BGA assembly, consumer electronics BGA assembly, cooker hood motherboard PCB, and server power backplane PCB.

They cater to clients from various industries, including medical, transportation, telecommunications, industrial, and consumer brands in their respective markets. For the medical industry, they provide separate base PCBs for various types of medical equipment such as pH meters, heartbeat sensors, temperature gauges, electrocardiogram machines, electroencephalogram machines, nuclear magnetic resonance imaging machines, X-rays and CT scanners, blood pressure machines, blood glucose level measuring devices, and incubators for growing bacteria or viruses in an artificial medium.


Winow New Energy’s expertise in PCB design, manufacturing, and assembly makes them a reliable partner for companies in need of customized PCBs and fast turnaround times. Their technical staff of 800, combined with their 15,000 square meters of factory floor space, and business coverage area of 150 countries, allows them to handle large-volume production and meet their clients’ needs.

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